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PC Crash Analysis

Any Accident. Any Injury. Anywhere.

PC Crash Analysis

Contact Us For:

  • Accident Site Photo logs
  • Advanced Scene Investigations
  • Analysis of Physical Evidence
  • Biomechanics of Injury
  • Collision Dynamics
  • Crash Data Retrieval [CDR]
  • Exemplar Vehicle Examinations
  • 3D Forensic Mapping
  • Forensic Vehicle Examinations
  • Highway Design & Traffic Control Analysis
  • Human Factors Forensics
  • Impact Dynamics
  • Low Speed Collision Analysis
  • Motorcycle Accident Investigations
  • Occupant Dynamics
  • PC Crash Analysis
  • Pedestrian & Bicyclist Accident Reconstruction
  • Principal Direction of Force [PDOF] Analysis
  • Seat Belt/Air Bag Examinations
  • Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Trucking Accident Investigations
  • Vehicular Dynamics

PC Crash allows for simultaneous simulation of up to 2 vehicles (PC-Crash 2D), or 32 vehicles (PC-Crash 3D), with up to five axles per vehicle.

Interface to Specs (North American), ADAC, Vyskocil, DSD (European and Japanese), and KBA vehicle databases.

2D or 3D kinetic calculation model.

Front/rear brake force distribution model plus ABS braking model.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program) model

Specification of driver reaction, accelerating, braking, steering, and other parameters in the form of sequences.

Over 80% of information comes through the visual modality. Human error accounts for 80%-90% liability in all accidents and injuries. Do not under match your causation expert; choose a LISKE Human Factors expert.