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Areas of Practice

Why LISKE? LISKE experts guide with competence, character and commitment
past the misinformed and overreached. Clear and concise forensic expert reports.



  • Liability Experts
  • Forensic Investigators
  • Accident Reconstruction Experts
  • Injury Biomechanics Experts
  • Human Factors Experts
  • Systems Safety Experts
  • Forensic Engineers
  • Human Error Experts
Accident Reconstruction


Why LISKE? LISKE reconstructs all accidents and injuries, whether at work, at play or during everyday living...


Injury Biomechanics


Why LISKE? LISKE Injury Biomechanics experts bridge the gap between engineers and physicians.


Human Factors


Why LISKE? Over 80% of information comes through the visual modality. Human error accounts for 80%-90% liability in all accidents and injuries. Do not under match your causation expert; choose a LISKE Human Factors expert.


We have a knowledgeable and diverse expert pool, handling everything from simple cases with simple pricing solutions to the very complex, involving multi-disciplined experts.