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LISKE Forensics: Bridging Expertise and Clarity

February 13, 2024

LISKE Forensics is a trusted name in the field of accident investigation and injury analysis. With a large team of Expert professionals, we provide clear and concise forensic expert reports, helping clients navigate complex legal scenarios. What makes LISKE Forensics stand out...

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Beyond the Crash: The Role of Driver Responses in Accidents

February 8, 2024

An expert opinion turbocharges dispute resolution by revealing collision-avoidance opportunities. DID YOU KNOW that as much as 90% of accidents and incidents involve a Human Factors cause? An in-depth accident reconstruction takes into consideration the analysis of the critical human factor element: Driver Response and collision-avoidance opportunities...

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The Crucial Role of Accident Reconstruction in Dispute Resolution

January 31, 2024

Accidents are an inevitable part of life; they will occur in workplaces, during recreational activities, and throughout our everyday activities such as taking your dog for a walk. When these accidents happen, understanding how and why they occur, and the responsibilities of others becomes of utmost importance when seeking an effective resolution...

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Premises Liability: Hidden Drop-Down Hazards

January 23, 2024

Accidents stemming from drop-down hazards can transpire in diverse settings, involving a spectrum of built structures ranging from stairs and speed bumps to uneven sidewalks. Concealed drop-down hazards, like retaining walls or unannounced changes in walking surface height, constitute an additional area where falls may transpire without warning...

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The Slippery Slope of a Ski Collision Lawsuit

January 16, 2024

As we find ourselves at the beginning of the new year, ski resorts are becoming more popular in the upcoming months as winter holidays and spring breaks begin. Before tying up ski boots and tightening bindings, a common practice at a ski resort is to have skiers sign a liability form. This form may limit the legal rights of the skier to sue the ski resort or claim compensation following an accident on the slopes...

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Did You Know? - Forensic MEP

July 7, 2023

Forensic MEP refers to the field of forensic mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering. It involves the investigation, analysis, and evaluation of various mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and components in order to determine the cause of failures, accidents, or other incidents. Forensic MEP engineers are typically called upon to investigate...

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