A few words from our valued clients

“…Mr. Scalia perfomed admirably. He was well-prepared. He testified without hesitation, he was polite on the stand, and he was not rattled on cross-examination. His testimony was critical in establishing how the accident occurred. I would recommend him and your consutling firm to anyone who asked my opinion. Thank you…”

Thomas J. Johnson

Bailey, Johnson & Peck, P.C.

“…I just wanted to take a moment to put in writing my expression of appreciation for your help in this case. You worked tirelessly every waking minute that you were here, and provided valuable assistance with regard to the visual presentation in the case as well as excellent expertise in assisting us in cross examination of the State’s experts in the trial. You helped me focus on the key issues for the jury and provided some reassurance that we were pursuing the correct strategy using the EDR data to our benefit in the explanation of the time-distance analysis showing the absence of a “conscious disregard” on the Trooper’s part…You helped us immensely and I am extremely grateful for your support…”

William Subin

“…I wish to thank you for your assistance and guidance throughout the litigation. I am confident that this favorable resolution was due in part to you expert analysis that had been previously provided to this office…”

Keith J. Conway

Esq; Morenus, Cardoza, Conway, Goren & Brandman

“…I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pete Scalia for the exceptional technical assistance he has provided to our firm over the past few years. His expertise and practical knowledge in the field of accident reconstruction is outstanding, and his professionalism is impressive. Mr. Scalia pays great attention to detail, and he does an excellent job of clarifying complex situations, both in Expert Reports and in court testimony. I believe that the high quality of services he has provided to our firm has been instrumental in our ability to obtain positive outcomes for our clients on a consistent basis.”

Mr. Bramnick

Bramnick, Rodriguez, Mitterhoff, Grabas & Woodruff, LLC

“…Dave Liske is in my opinion one of the most reputable and knowledgeable experts that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with…”

James P. Verrastro

Matusick, Spadafora & Verrastro