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Forensic Examinations

Any Accident. Any Injury. Anywhere.

Forensic Examinations

Contact Us For:

  • Analysis of Vehicular Physical Evidence
  • Brake Examinations
  • Documentation of Evidence by Digital Imaging
  • Failure Analysis of Vehicles
  • Identification of Vehicular Physical Evidence
  • Interpretation of Vehicular Physical Evidence
  • Lamp Examinations
  • Mechanical Examinations
  • Photolog Documentation
  • Recall Investigations

Did You Know?

The accuracy typically produced with iWitnessPRO, red retro-targets and an SLR digital camera when measuring the shape of an average-sized car, is around .01” (.25mm) RMS (Root means square)

LISKE Forensic Center:

  • 3-D Crush Analysis
  • Comprehensive Forensic Vehicle Exams
  • EDR/ECM “black box” Bench Downloads
  • TRUCKS/Multi-Level Exams
Over 90% of accidents and incidents may involve a Human Factors cause; however; other underlying causes still may exist. Our multi-disciplined team of scientists, engineers and ACTAR accredited reconstruction experts help to ensure that no element of causation is overlooked and no stone is left unturned.