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3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction

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What is 3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction?

3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction is the process of reconstructing an accident using 3D technologies and techniques. The process consists of generating a mesh and/or a set of data points in the 3D space known as a point cloud. The point cloud dataset represents relative X, Y, Z coordinates and color information of every single point on the surfaces of an object/scene.  Surface mesh and/or point clouds are generated using Laser Scanning, Photogrammetry, and 3D modelling techniques which can then be utilized in an accident reconstruction software or a 3D creation suite to simulate/animate the accident.


Point Cloud 1


3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction is a powerful measuring/visualization tool that adds value to court cases and accident reconstruction reports. 3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction unveils important details with greater clarity over traditional measuring/visualization tools which can make the difference in your next case or settlement.

Point Cloud 2


Why 3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction?

  • Did you know? Over 80% of information comes through the visual modality. Increase the visual power over traditional 2D accident reconstruction.
  • Explore multiple perspectives. A 3D reconstructed accident can be viewed from many different viewpoints, e.g., pedestrian view, driver view, building camera view, or top-down view.
  • Take accurate and precise measurements.
  • Document objects/scene at the present time and preserve them for discovery in future when the objects/scene are no longer available.
  • View accident events with greater clarity and understanding.
  • Simulate accidents in 3D to further enhance clarity and unlock value.

Point Cloud 3

Why Choose LISKE?

LISKE Accident and Injury Experts remain at the leading edge of the industry’s evolving technology, reconstructing any accident, any injury, anywhere, powered by next generation technologies. Unlock value in your next case or settlement with LISKE 3D Forensic Accident Reconstruction.


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