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Continuing Education and Learning (CEL) Workshops?

LISKE Accident & Injury Experts will design and build a tailored training workshop to suit your needs.

Workshops provide a training forum for discussing pertinent topics such as: Subject Matter Expertise; Best Practice; Lessons Learned from our 30 years; and Special Investigations (SIU/Fraud).

An additional strength of a LISKE Workshop is the Case Study format option – we have a vast vault (30 years) of cases involving Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors or Injury Biomechanics.

For a full list of case subject matter expertise, click here.

Click here to request a LISKE Accident & Injury Experts Workshop, or call 1-888-674-3508.

Panel and Keynote Speakers?

A LISKE Keynote Speaker will effectively establish the theme of your next meeting or function. Our tailored talks lasting 20 to 45 minutes, and delivered by a LISKE Team Expert, will set the tone of your entire event and provide a unique and distinctive moment for your audience.

Our LISKE Team Experts are also available to function as part of your panel, where their unique insight and experience will enhance any discussion on Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors or Injury Biomechanics.

LISKE Accident & Injury Experts are industry-leaders in Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors and Injury Biomechanics. Click here to request a LISKE Accident & Injury Experts Panel or Keynote Speaker, or call 1-888-674-3508.

Why Choose LISKE?
LISKE is an established leader in the field of accident and injury reconstruction with 30 years of experience investigating and reconstructing transportation, product liability and premises liability accidents. We are dedicated to providing a principled and unparalleled customer experience and continue to strive for excellence, acting with integrity, thoroughness and accountability. The high-level approach we take to each assignment ensures that no element of causation is overlooked and no stone is left unturned. Our multi-disciplined team of scientists, engineers and ACTAR accredited reconstruction experts prepare a comprehensive, objective, science-based analysis of each accident, powered by next generation technology. A LISKE accident and injury reconstruction provides a foundational pillar you can count on; whether as a building block to causation, or in rebuttal to an unacceptable misinformed and overreached opposition conclusion. Plan your litigation strategy and achieve the best resolution for your client with LISKE Accident & Injury Experts.
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