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What Are Some Ways Parents Can Keep Their Children Safe On The Playground?

May 19th 2022

Playgrounds provide a fun and exciting environment for children to play and socialize, while getting fresh air and exercise. However, it’s important to make sure that a child’s interactions with playground equipment and other children do not pose as a hazard to them. Over 200,000 children visit emergency rooms each year due to playground-related injuries, and 15 child fatalities occur each year from playground equipment [1]. Therefore, playgrounds should be constructed and routinely inspected by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) to ensure that equipment is up to standard. These inspectors are trained to identify hazards on public playgrounds and playground equipment, determine injury potential, and apply that knowledge to implement a playground safety program [2]. Additionally, parents can serve a key role in ensuring their child is safe on the playground.

Adult supervision can help prevent injuries by making sure kids properly use playground equipment. Where a CPSI is not available, parents can look for obvious hazards such as rusted or broken equipment and dangerous surfaces [3]. Parents can also prevent injury risks by avoiding playgrounds with non-impact absorbing surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, grass, dirt, or gravel. Further, parents can ensure that children use age-appropriate playground equipment and take children under 5 to their age-designated play area [3].

Kids must know how to be safe and play responsibly. Proper education can help kids avoid unnecessary risks. Parents can educate their kids to never push or roughhouse while on playground equipment, and to be aware of other kids playing on or near the same equipment [4]. They can also check to see if their child is wearing clothing that may increase the likelihood of entanglement or strangulation when on the playground, such as clothing items with drawstrings and cords [4].

By being aware and knowledgeable about the potential risks of playground usage, parents can help facilitate a safe and fun environment for their child.


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