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Injury Biomechanics and Premise Liability - Falling Ceiling Tiles

November 14th 2022

When an incident results in a bodily injury, the parties that own and maintain the premises where it occurred may be held responsible to the injured party for damages. At LISKE, our Injury Biomechanics experts apply their understanding of anatomy, human kinetics, and physics to any premise liability claim including slips, trips, falls and missteps, and workplace accidents to determine injury causation. One specific type of incident our experts investigate regularly is claims involving falling ceiling tiles.

When investigating such an incident, to determine whether the falling ceiling tile could have caused the claimant’s injuries, the following should be considered by the reconstructionist. Note, this is not an exhaustive list.

First, the geometric constraints of the subject ceiling tile need to be measured and documented including the mass, length, width, and height. This ideally can be obtained by direct measurement, or by looking up the manufacturer specifications of the tile. The height of the ceiling from which the tile fell will also be required. In terms of the claimant, the reconstructionist must know their anthropometrics, as well as what body configuration they were in when the tile allegedly fell on them (i.e., sitting, standing, walking, etc.). The above are a minimum to complete the requisite calculations and analyses.

Second, any/all documentation regarding the injuries claimed by the plaintiff should be requested and reviewed, as well as their medical history prior to the subject incident. An important question always pertains to whether the claimant had pre-existing injuries, or if the subject incident is being implicated as having caused the injuries in a claimant with an unremarkable medical history. The reconstructionist will also want to review whether the claimant has a history of accidents, as well as consider their occupational and recreational history.

Again, the above is not meant to be an exhaustive list for these types of cases, simply some of the information that should be reviewed and considered in these matters.

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