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Can Simulation Software Be Utilized For Reconstructing Premise Accidents?

June 13th 2022

As discussed in our previous blog, there are many tools at the disposal of Accident Reconstructionists to aid in the reconstruction of accidents involving pedestrians. But did you know, these same programs can also be used to aid in the reconstruction of premise accidents?

Although this is far from a complete list, premise accidents may include slips, trips, and missteps, which can occur almost anywhere – parking lots, walkways, stairways, indoors, outdoors, etc. In many cases the Accident Reconstructionist must consider elements such as building code conformity, lighting, the coefficient of friction, geometric constraints of potential ingress/egress obstacles, and much more.

Virtual Crash is capable of handling accident simulations that do not involve motor vehicles. Using this software, the Accident Reconstructionist can simulate accidents involving the human body and obtain speed data from their reconstruction, for any part of the body [1]. This data will be useful to gain insight into estimates of impact force during the fall, which will in turn be helpful in investigating injury causation.

Virtual Crash 5.0 [1].

While these types of software can be useful tools to compliment additional forms of analyses done by the Accident Reconstructionist, it is important to ensure that the Accident Reconstructionist you are working with fully understands the strengths and weaknesses of simulating premise accidents with simulation software. Contact LISKE today to learn more.


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