Accident Reconstruction



  • Traffic Accident Investigation and Reconstruction.
  • Crash Data Retrieval [CDR].
  • Trucking Accident Investigations.
  • Forensic Vehicle Examinations.
  • Biomechanics of Injury.
  • Human Factors Forensics.
  • Seatbelt/Airbag Examinations.
  • Low Speed Collision Analysis.
  • Pedestrian & Bicyclist Accident Reconstruction.
  • Motorcycle Accident Investigations.
  • Advanced Scene Investigations.
  • Forensic Mapping using CAD.
  • Highway Design & Traffic Control Analysis.
  • PC Crash Analysis.
  • Collision Dynamics.
  • Impact Dynamics.
  • Vehicular Dynamics.
  • Analysis of Physical Evidence.
  • Principal Direction of Force [PDOF] Analysis.
  • Exemplar Vehicle Examinations.
  • Occupant Dynamics.
  • Accident Site Photologs.

One out of every five drivers will be involved in a traffic accident this year.

In 2006, there were an estimated 5,973,000 police-reported traffic crashes, in which 42,642 people were killed and 2,575,000 people were injured.

Traffic Accident deaths are the leading cause of death for all age groups between the ages of 2 and 34.

In the year 2006, the economic cost due to motor vehicle accidents was calculated to be $230.6 billion.

In 2006, an average of 117 people died each day in motor vehicle crashes. In 2006, one person died in a motor vehicle crash approximately every 12 minutes.