About Us

For over 30 years, LISKE Accident & Injury Experts has built a successful history of customer trust and fulfillment. We are an international, multi-disciplined team of liability experts, forensic investigators, accident reconstruction experts, injury biomechanics experts, human factors experts, systems safety experts, forensic engineers and human error experts. Human error accounts for over 80-90% liability in all accidents and injuries.

Our forensic expert services span the accident and injury spectrum – liability assessment, forensic investigations, accident reconstruction, forensic expert reports, discovery and motions, preparation for mediation, arbitration, and trial expert witness testimony.

The strength of our value lies in the diversity of backgrounds, education and professional experiences of our core team of forensic experts, powered by next generation industry technology and equipment. We take pride in our role as accident and injury forensic experts and the relationships we have formed and continue to form with top-industry thinkers and institutions.

David Liske